Essie Richardson Green

Essie Richardson

1899[1] – May 21, 1921

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Essie Richardson was born in 1899 in Georgia to Henry Richardson and Etta James according to the 1900 United States Federal Census taken in Polk County in Cedartown, Georgia.  She was the third child born to her parents.

It is not clear what happened to Essie’s mother Etta and her oldest brother Wesley J. or how her parents’ relationship ended. On June 2, 1907, her father Henry married Fannie Kate Glanton in Polk County, Georgia.  Her step-mother Fannie had given birth to a daughter, Margaret Pryor, who was fathered by Jack Prior earlier in 1907 on March 8th.

Essie and her second oldest brother Horace/Harris lived with Henry, their step-mother Fannie, and step-sister Margaret.  Shortly after her father Henry married Fannie, the family began to grow.  Although her family lived in Cedartown, Georgia, her step-mother gave birth to five of Essie’s half-siblings in Rome, Georgia:  Moses born March 25, 1908; Wilson born September 26, 1909, Noble born December 24, 1911, Kathryn born March 29, 1913 and

Sometime between 1913 and 1918, Essie’s father Henry and step-mother Fannie relocated the family from Cedartown, Georgia to Indianapolis, Indiana.  According to the 1920 US Federal Census, Essie nor her brother Horace/Harris was living with their father and step-mother in Indianapolis.

Essie later married Bud Green; it is unknown whether they had children.  Unfortunately, Essie’s time in Indianapolis was short.  She died May 21, 1921 from a gangrenous appendix and acute peritonitis was a contributing factor in her death.  On May 25, 1925, she was laid to rest in Cedartown, Georgia.

[1] Note:  Due to conflicting documents, the date of Essie’s birth is not clear.  On the 1900 US Census, Essie is listed as being born in Jan 1899.  On the 1910 US Census, she is listed as being 13 which means her birth year was approximately 1897.  On her death certificate, her birthdate is listed as March 30, 1986.  On both the 1900 and 1910 US Census, Essie is listed as being younger than her brothers Wesley J. and Horace/Harris.  1899, the first record of her birth from the 1900 US Census, was used as the birth year for this biography because it is the year after her brother Horace/Harris was possibly born and the both census records shows Essie as one year younger than him.  If more information becomes available about Essie’s birthdate, this biography will be updated with that information.

US Federal Census 1900 Polk County Cedartown Georgia Page 1

US Federal Census 1900 Polk County Cedartown Georgia Page 2

US Federal Census 1910 Polk County Cedartown Georgia

Essie Richardson Death Certificate